The parklife

The parklife was quite intensive actually.


We went up to the hill in the north London. L told me before heading up the hill. He said, "Don't look back while you are climbing up. You don't want to spoil the view before you get to the summit." Before the hill schedule, we were at the eastern London. There was a great Indian restaurant which allows customers to bring their own liquor or drinks. It was such a great dinner with a lot of physical challenges.

He lit up a cigarette. In August summer night, the wind was still chill and lower than I thought before the trip. A jacket is a must while you go out. It felt like the autumn time. He looked at the scenery in front of us. All the lights of central London. Overall panorama view was displayed but nothing touristic going on here. Just people who live nearby or know the place would come to this hill. There is a little bit of potential to be attractive to tourists. Maybe not. I had nothing going on in my mind. I still cannot believe that now the trip was on and I was at London, one of the greatest city of the earth. Then nothing different from how I senses. I can smile, smell, touch, see, walk, and feel hungry and feel tired. There are the senses which have no difference from where I am standing. The meaning of the trip and the identification of where I am is so blurry at the moment.

I didn't tell him this, but was taken some stupid pictures by his vintage camera. We passed through the drunk girl yelling "Go Barcleys!" and I fell down from my bike again. That was so embarrassing to fall from a bike twice in front of the same group of people. The first time is uphill, and the second time is downhill.

Out of the park, we went down to cycle along the canal. It was so beautiful to see the reflection from the surface of the canal. I cannot think of other words to describe due to the limitation of my poor vocabulary. At the time, I was thinking it was worthy. The trip really gave me something different.



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