Watch your step or you might fall
You act like you're a know-it-all
Yeah I used to do that, I used to be like that
I'm still a bit like that

You might think you found the one
Until your heart gets ripped and torn
Yeah I used to feel bad, I used to feel like that
I still feel a bit like that

But I'm not searching for the answer
I'm not looking for the truth
I'm just talking through a speaker
Because that's all that I have ever learned to do

Use your mind and make it talk
Cause in this world it's all you've got
We all fall down from the highest clouds to the lowest ground

The loneliness is worst of all
When you've got no one else to call
Feeling kind of sad when the times are bad, the times are getting bad

But I'm not searching for the answer
No, I'm not looking for the truth
I'm just talking through a speaker
Because that's all that I could ever learn to do
Because that's all that I have ever learned to do

What about you?...

So watch your step or you might fall
You act like you're a know-it-all
Yeah I used to do that, I used to be like that
I'm still a bit like that

my stuff begun to define who i am
my life dont make of my stuff

從Shawn Of the Dead (2004) 開始,Edgar Wright和Simon Pegg以及Nick Frost的合作從來都沒讓人失望過,看看Hot Fuzz (2007) 吧,充滿睿智的搞笑對話和電影文本的借用,對先前作品的自我消消遣,雖然都擁有類似主題架構(看似平靜的生活其實暗藏玄機),卻有不同風貌的詮釋方式。過了六年,當殭屍和神秘團體(cult)都被他們寫過後,作為三部曲的終結,有什麼比外星人加上世界末日還要更適合的呢*?

*但其實Edgar Wright和Simon Pegg在接受訪問時,說很多人都以為他們是選定主題才寫劇本的,其實正好相反是想要寫對成長小鎮的解離感,所以才寫出這個故事的。

先不大長篇的探討每場戲中藏了多少他們的巧思,作為一個三部曲的終結篇,一種對於過去的記憶,對照與到與現今社會改變的反思,社交軟體與科技在這邊變成了可怕的外星人的譬喻,也在接近結局時也安排了一段非常有趣的橋段,對邁入人生另一個階段的自己,下了非常清楚的註解。另外在閱讀一些評論時,有些人提到這次又出現許多與前兩部類似的運鏡方式,例如最多人談論的跨欄鏡頭,從Shawn of the Dead的翻欄跌倒,Hot Fuzz的破欄而過,最後到The World's End的整欄倒下(比較動畫gif可以看這裡),另外倒酒或上車的快速切換的換鏡方式都充滿懷舊感,好連貫啊!

原本還擔心這部片會不好看,但整部電影看下來不僅流暢,且兩個劇情轉折點都安排的清楚明確,對話還是很好笑,不過看不太習慣Nick Frost演這麼正經的角色(記憶中只要和Simon Pegg配在一起,就像是小鱉三配上花栗鼠一樣,而不是這次的小鱉三配上大猩猩...),所以最後的Bromance大告白突然讓人覺得有點意外...有種那種「What....???」的感覺,不過從電影宣傳的訪談看來,Nick Frost本身說起話來就是冷面笑將型(花栗鼠型,還是只是因為門牙牙縫的緣故嗎??)。

希望未來丁丁歷險記也能看到這對活寶繼續演Thomson and Thompson吧!

強勢又拘謹的FBI探員Ashburn(Sandra Bullock飾演),為了升遷被上司派到波士頓,要將當地的秘密毒梟捉捕到案,沒想到一到波士頓後就與素行不良的警探Mullins(Melissa McCarthy飾演,從名字來看就知道不是什麼正經的咖)起了衝突,陰錯陽差下,兩人得要不計前仇的一起合作來破案。

Sandra Bullock一向以強勢的形象在螢幕上出現,電影一開始的確也是表現如此,只是電影開始的十五分鐘後,人一到了波士頓馬上靈魂抽換,後面表現出的角色形象,卻是工作狂、難搞、多愁善感和不願與人正面起衝突的配角。因此Ashburn對比角色的Mullins,角色特色表現出強勢、粗爆、不拘小節的特質。疑?這不是十年前Sandra Bullock的形象嗎?怎麼現在好像看到兩個Sandra Bullock,但是新的那個(也就是Mullins)表現更加粗野和毫無道德觀了?原本個性預期應該要很辣的Sandra Bullock,怎麼從頭到尾都變得軟趴趴?


雖然IMDB上觀眾給了6.7分的分數,也反應在票房的結果上(第一週就將近回本,投資報酬率不含後期行銷只先算前期預算的話約370%),但要從這部電影中看出什麼新意,或是要找回導演Paul Feig前一部Bridesmaids帶來的驚喜,可能就要失望了。

I met a Spanish on the way from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam last week. From Madrid, he is having a short vacation traveling from Brussels, Luxembourg, and Germany.

When we entered the cabinet, we didn’t expect to have someone to share the 4 persons seats with us. The person sat next to us was very calm but normal. Like what usually happens in the train, people don’t start the conversation with you from nowhere but maintain certain level of courtesy and politeness, mostly reading or taking a nap.

I excused myself to enter the window seat, and he stood up to let me pass, while he was charging his cellphone. Being very careful of the wire and charger, I took out the book that I just bought in Paris, La fin des musées by Catherine Grenier with my headset and chose Bon Iver’s second album. It was a 2 and half hour ride so I was aware of having the recreation stuff to do. When I just started to read, I instantly felt the urge of going to the toilette. When I came back, the train departed and I could feel the trembling while the train was on the move. Then out of my expectation, my colleague was talking to our neighbor stranger and shared raisin with him. I said to them with big surprise, “When did you become friends? …I was just gone for like two minute and now?” Both of them smiled and we started the conversation.

He invited us to have some of the ham that he brought with him, in the response of the nice gesture of offering him green grapes. Then the chit-chat pattern came in, nationality, where to go, why you are here. He said that he lives in Madrid, and I told him that I had few friends lived in Alcalá, a lovely town but not too much to do. Instead, Madrid didn’t impress me in a good way at that time I visited. Therefore I told him the crazy stories that I have heard from friends, including the dick exbitionist that Tammy met in a park.

Then we talked about bully in school. By offering a different and interesting perspective, I found that he is not a standard Spanish but special. For the stereotype of Spanish, he is too calm and too relaxed with the passion of searching a metaphysical cultural experience. For example, he took a more Asian-pacific approach while traveling.

I notice that in western youth/young adult traveling culture, bar crawling and nigh life seems to be one of the important elements to enrich the total adventure. Sometime, it also became the most interesting source of traveling stories, because people sometimes do stupid things after drinking. Then Mocking is usually based on stupid acts. On the contrary, among friends and blogs on the Internet, at least in Taiwan, daytime activities are more important than those bar crawling, if we are speaking of prioritizing the travel essential elements for Taiwanese. For example, it is good to explore bars but never affecting the daytime schedule, so the night has to end relatively early in case that we waste the whole morning the next day. He prefers the same pro-daytime idea, which I found that it is rare among the young adult of Europeans.

He also speaks Mandarins, which I don’t think it is a common interest for European as well. It is a trend but doesn’t mean that many people in Europe would really do so. Therefore when he actually does so (to learn Mandarins), it separates him from others (to be called normal, standard people) and becomes quite unique in a way. One thing that I noticed as well, when he said the word “sad”, or nervously laughed, the accent was so similar to Ólafur Arnalds, one of the talented Icelandic artists who I like very much.

When the train stopped two stops before Amsterdam Center, the old couple stood up and were about to leave. We were talking to each other saying “I don’t think it is Amsterdam already, is it?” “Where is it? Not Amsterdam?”. The the old woman suddenly spoke in English in nice tone, “It’s Arnhem.” We were so surprised when she directly spoke English to us with a smile. We stopped the conversation and looked at her. One second, Two second. “Oh…..thank you!” We were laughing because I didn’t expect that there was someone so kind to remind us, and one more thing, the couple heard all of our conversation and we were disturbing them from the beginning to the end. “You are welcome.” She laughed again because she saw our surprises, so her husband did. “We are so sorry that we were making these noise to disturb you.” “That’s okay, never mind.” We all laughed at the same time.

Then we talked through the whole ride and till we got off from the train.

We exchanged numbers and finally I knew his name, Juan.