the morning leaving Lyon


At the day i left Lyon, it was a rainy day, even raining heavier than the day before. I didn't feel like leaving the house. My ex-roomate T while I was still in France in 2010, woke up earlier than
anyone else in the house. At the day, not only me, but rest of her roommates were also leaving for a one week field trip. She wanted to make something that we all can bring up with, so she planned to make some cookie and swedish bread.

She is dutch but last year she was in Stockholm for one semester, continuing her studies in master. Later she told me that she knew how to make expresso from a close italien mate, and a traditional
swedish bread. The yellow spot light beneath the kitchen table, she rolled up her sleeves and squeezed the bread dough. I took a shower and packed all my stuff back to the tiny suitcase. It didn't feel like that I would leave in few hours and maybe we could not see each other for a decade maybe. It is the truth but the time was so peaceful. Everything was in order, silence and motionless.

We had a simple breakfast together and I prepared a lunch box for myself with some baguette and the cheese that she brought back when she and her family visit her grand-mom in Netherlands. I took some photos when she was baking the cookies. The rain was still falling. I knew that I had no choice but had to drag my bags in the heavy rain. It was about 15 mins walk and they lived near the main train station so I didn't think that's big deal. She made again with her expresso mocha kettle. She put the coffee powders into the pot and started to brew the coffee for everyone.

We said goodbye and hugged, and then I left. During the rain, i felt terrible again and the rain made it worse. I was thinking that it must be that i am not that important so that they didn't come with me to the train station to say goodbye to me. Maybe I am really not that important. I dreamed that some people would do that to you when you are very good friends. Then I discovered that the only people would do so for you, it's your family. Rarely there will be someone else from your family who is willing to do so. Taking more time with you.  I was soaked when I arrived the train station. Most of people were too. Half of them were feeling terrible too, I guessed. The sandwich or panini in the cafeterias were so tiny but expensive. I chose to reserve it for a better meal in Paris. Walk up the the platform, now i realized my lunch bag was still on the kitchen table. It's double frustration! I turned on my cellphone and typed the sms to Teatske. While I hit the send, instantly I received the same SMS saying "TIM!!!!! YOU FORGET your lunch box!!!!" OOOOOO, it's impossible to get back to get my lunch box, too much rain and too less time.

I was on the road and it felt naturally to say goodbye to people. I told myself this and the train came. A direct train from Lyon to Paris. The air was stuffy and packed. After one hour departure, it stopped raining and become a good weather. While approaching to Paris, a sunny day was showed in the windows. Typical farm lands and plain passed. 

The final stop of the trip was there.



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