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The Naked Chef

Pizza Recipe courtesy Jamie Oliver fr. Food Network
Show: The Naked Chef 原味主廚奧利佛
Episode: The Naked Chef: New York Christmas 紐約聖誕節

2 pounds, 3 ounces (1 kilogram) strong bread flour
1 ounce (30 grams) sugar
1 ounce (30 grams) salt
1 ounce dried yeast
1 pint (565 milliliters) tepid water
2 tablespoons olive oil
Toppings, recipes follow

兩磅三盎司(= 1公斤) 的 高筋麵粉
一盎司(= 30公克) 的 糖
一盎司(= 30公克) 的 鹽
一盎司(= 30公克) 的 快發酵母
一品脫(= 565毫升) 的 溫水
兩大湯匙的 橄欖油


Put the flour onto a work surface or use a bowl, if you are short of space. Using your fingers, make a big well in the middle of the flour. Add the sugar, salt and yeast then pour in the tepid water and olive oil. Using a fork, make circular movements from the center moving outwards, slowly bringing in more of the flour until all the yeast mixture is soaked up. This should be starting to look like dough now so you can start to work and knead it until it is smooth. This should take around 4 minutes. Roll out to a sausage shape and divide into 8 or 10 balls, depending on how large you want the pizzas to be.

把麵粉放在工作檯上,如果沒空間可以裝在碗裡 (放在工作檯上純屬Jamie自己的私慾XD)。用手指在麵粉的中心弄成一個井,把溫水小心的加到麵粉井裡面。在溫水中加入糖、鹽、酵母粉和橄欖油,手或是小叉子(當然這時候Jamie一定是用手來攪) 把麵粉和水用繞圈的方式,把兩個材料慢慢混合。如果太快井會塌掉,所以不能太快,如果麵團還太濕就加麵粉,看起來太乾就加溫水。把麵團捏到柔軟的時候就可以了,大概會花個四分鐘,最後把麵團桿成香腸的形狀來分成八到十個麵團球。

Flour the surface and roll each pizza out to about the thickness of 3 beer coasters (1/3 of an inch). They don't have to be perfectly round, they should look home-made. Place each pizza on a lightly oiled and floured piece of tin foil. Flour the top of the pizza, placing another on top of it. Flour that and repeat this until all the pizzas are stacked together. These can be frozen for a couple of months, placed in the fridge for 10 hours, or cooked straight away. Lightly top with your chosen topping (the simpler the better) and bake directly on the oven bars for 10 minutes at your oven's highest temperature.

在桌面上灑上一點麵粉(防止麵團在桿的時候賴在桌上不起來),把麵團桿成大概三個啤酒杯墊的厚度(=1/3英吋 = 0.86公分 )。不需要一定是圓的,不規則的形狀看起來更酷,才有限量和手工的感覺。在錫箔紙上抹上一些油,就把pizza給放上去。一直重複這樣的動作把pizza疊成一做塔,不用怕黏住,因為每個麵皮中間都會有一層錫箔紙。這些pizza麵皮可以在冰箱裡冰幾個月都沒問題,每次要吃時只要花十分鐘時間烤熟就行了(用烤箱最強勁的溫度烘焙它!)。記得不要餓昏了頭,沒有放醬料就拿去烤箱烤,這樣就很哀傷了...吃麵皮XDDD。

Toppings 醬料:

8 plum tomatoes, Sprinkle dried oregano, Drizzle olive oil
For enough to cover eight bases, chop and de-seed plum tomatoes, dry with kitchen paper, sprinkle with a little dried oregano and a drizzle of olive oil.

Various topping ingredients:
Sliced mozzarella, Rocket (Arugula), Parmesan, Olives, Sun-dried tomatoes, Artichoke hearts, Prosciutto, Panchetta, Any interesting cheeses - use your imagination!

八個牛番茄 (plum tomatoes在台灣難入手)
風乾阿里根奴葉 (義大利香料,可在超市買到)
適量橄欖油 (Jamie的橄欖油都灑的很隨便...)
羅勒 (我記得節目上Jamie有放羅勒,這網站竟然沒寫)



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