Woke up from a deep sleep last night. After a kebab, I felt nausea and tired. In the morning, all the windows and doors were closed as expected, different from the last night. The person who talked to me has left. I saw an empty bed with the white blanket. I took a shower again, and expected the steam could give some help to clear the digested nose. This would be a tough day.

I scheduled to climb all the way up to the summit. Starting from Grindlewald. Along with the trail to enter a small village called Bussalp. It is said that there's a small waterfall that can be a stop to take a rest. Then follow the trail through faulhorn. The highest point around the area, and reached to the famous Bachalpsee lake to see the reflection of the world famous Jungfrau mountain. To finish, follow the same mountain fridge and pass through First, I could possibly catch the last bus down at Grosse Scheidegg and go back to Grindlewald and take the return train back to Interlaken.

I finished my toast and apple juice while staring at Jungfrau. There was a terrance in this 10 persons room and none of other roommates was awake to share the view with me. I wore a jacket and pasted the cheap jam onto every slice of toast. They would be my breakfast, lunch, dinner and breakfast. In total 4 meals.  I was considering if it would be possible for me to finish as scheduled, considering my physical condition. It should take me about 7~8.5 hours in full speed of my normal pace.

I took the bus to Winderswil and catch up the train for less price. When I just left the train at Grindlewald, the rain started to drop down from the sky. I went to Coop to buy 1 litter of water for today's hiking. The sky was still cloudy and it was still raining. I went back to the train station, because i cannot decide whether I should take the risk to start this 7 hours hiking trip. The weather wasn't ideal for any outdoor events. Eventually I decided to stick to the plan and followed the signs.

It is funny that the trail starts at a small corner which is just next to the train station. People have to enter the alley to discover the direction sign. It was very frustrating start, and I was worried about my legs, the twisted inquiry that should be recovered 1 week ago but it didn't. I kept going up but honestly, the signs are very confusing, for me. I had troubles of understanding if it means the closest stop to the direction or the most famous stop if people follow this direction. Sometimes, I found the direction signs contain both information and some names don't show on the map...

After 30 mins of the hike, I stopped for a rest and for checking the direction on the map in front of the sign. Again, one direction says to First, which it's in the plan but i should go west first. For the direction shown on the sign, it says some names that it is not shown on the map. So should I take a risk? I knew eventually I would get there but as the matter of time, it was absolutely not acceptable under this circumstance. Then I started to calculate the time if I was able to catch the last bus back to Grindlewald. Putain, there would be no cushion time for this and for the rest of the time, there would be no time for rest, not even thinking of the weather condition...

I made a decision. I could see the Jungfrau the summit was surrounded by the cloud and the weather absolutely looked fucked-up. The sky was grey. I could see the magnificent scenery in front of me. The mixture feeling about this astonishing view, the tiredness from the sickness, the crippled legs, and waterproof jacket, and the strong wind, the rain, the grey sky. I was not sure if I can finish the hike, and I didn't want to trap in the mountain considering I am a traveler alone. I should take care of myself. I kept looking at the summit and mountain riffs in front of me. The green grass field curves by the hills.

I started to descend from where I went up. Now I was more sure that it was a right decision. Every step I made, hurt so much when I lifted up my right leg. The muscle was still screaming at me and I cannot image if i carried on the trails, how much pain I should endure to finish. I walked slow and took me 4 times of time to get back to the town. I went to sit on a bench and quietly finished my lunch (the strawberry jam with toast). That was not delicious and tasteless. I hate this feeling. I was thinking of personal failure and my body condition and my fever.

I should lay down. Wait, until I get back to the hostel. Finally I was back to the room and everyone in the room was not there but somewhere (i don't really care). I lay down and tried to take a nap. I fell asleep for one and half hour. Another roommate who brought a (toy) gun with him was back. I heard he and his friends were from Australia. We greeted and that was all. I went up and put myself together.

I decide that I should go to lake as my only schedule for this afternoon.



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