Background story about the song "In Between Cities"

I often get confused about the meaning of being in between cities. Staying, living, or staying in a long period of time. This ambiguity standard of definition which can be longer or shorter, has divided many different kinds of people in the cities.

Within different cities, towns, villages based on various cultures, the most common situation to me is that I don't feel that I am staying in the space, neither I could find the connection between me and the space (to transform the definition into "place"). Before solving this unclear self-definition, I take another train and leave the space.
Later, after I came back, it becomes inevitably to be asked, "Which city/place do you like the most?". Eventually I find a solid answer that can be widely accepted effortlessly, without any more explanations and being questioned. It's because the food there is good. It's because the cost of living there is not so expensive. It's because people there are friendly. So on, so on, such by answers that you could possibly find in some travel guide books. Yes, I am avoiding.

I just realized that no one wants to understand my real, complicated reasons. Most of the time, they wouldn't feel the same way as I feel. People are looking for the reason to leave.

Later I examine these subjective personal experiences. They are not able to build up the overall picture of the memories of the city. After my steps and tracks, the reason of loving a city, such as
Berlin, Budapest, Granada, or Reykjavik, becomes like snapshots or postcards.

In the end, I start to read books to know more about their histories or stories. I try to match the stories to the snapshots in my head. After reading massive contexts of the cities, the places that I have been to, become the unfamiliar space again.

Therefore I step back again. In order to solve the simple but complicated question, I re-focus the question to the expectation while moving in between cities. This transition moment which is constantly neglected, could possibly help to identify the inner value towards every city for us.

"Before arriving the destination of your every trip, what are the expectations or thoughts in your mind?"



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