apple juice

It's a snow day. The day before i didn't catch the train, and I had to stay one more night, because it was also the last train of the day. I looked at the white windowsill and the snow gently fell down from the sky. They had a plastic thermocup for making tea in very bright color

It was like a short story novel, and i was experiencing it. When it was the time, I stood up and told them that I was very grateful that they could let me stay one more day. He stood up too, and went to the room. The room is for laundry and food storage. He handed me a pack of tissue ("Do you have tissue with you? The weather is cold, so you might get a stuffy noise. Take this with you!") and some cookies (Sorry.... we ate the bread last night, but you should take these cookie so you can eat them on the train!). Then he looked up at the top shelf.

"Do you like apple juice?"
"but... it is a like 1L bottle..."
"Doesn't matter, take whatever you want with you."
He was standing on tiptoe, and grabbed the bottle of apple juice to me.
"Ready? Let's go." He said.

Walking out to say goodbye to others, and I brought the apple juice with me. Waited until the day before the expiry date to drink it all. To remember the kindness that people offered to me on the journey. A little can mean something enormous.



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