Writing a Picture Story


Questions to practice your English:
1. 這是什麼地方?
2. 照片裡的人再做什麼?
3. 你覺得在這個活動後,她們可能會去做什麼事?
4. 如果還有時間,請詳細描述圖片中的景物。
(within 25 mins)

Your Answer for writing down a small story:

This is a picture of a super small single mom group. The reason that there are only four people in this picture is all because something bad happened in three month ago.

Initially, this single mom group had 37 families and they were strongly bound with each other. They shared their own experiences and support each person to be through their tough time. Unfortunately, one day as they were gathering in this park, a weird single man smuggled into their meeting. He barely wore any clothes (some people who remembered that day would say he is almost naked if he didn’t wore his shoes).

He quickly ran into the crowd, and a single mom who just joined in two weeks ago was totally shocked by his appearance. At that time, she was playing with her son in the park’s see-saw playground. She was so frightened that the crazy man would do anything to her. She subconsciously let her hands off the see-saw that her son was still sitting on. Her three-year-old son fell off the see-saw hard and got seriously injured.

This accident makes a dramatic change for the single mom group. Of course, the crazy naked man got severe bitten after those angry mother found where he was. They called for their strong male friends and taught the weird man an unforgettable lesson. After that, some families started to stop coming to its meeting. They realized they needed to be tough to protect their children. So they went to some boxing class or self-defend course to look for fighting skill.

Until now, there are only six families which still regularly participate in groups’ activities. The two families in this picture are two of the six left families, and they come early today. The child in the left side of the picture witnessed the whole accident. This incident on that miserable day has made an influential trauma for that poor kid.

His mother tries to let him overcome his fear about see-saw, because after that, he seems to get see-saw-phobia. Every time his mother takes him to sit on the see-saw, he will break down in a second and will be out of controlled as if the accident happens in front of him again and again. He will crap on himself without controlled and dream that he is a dragon in the famous cartoon ‘Dragon Ball’ (he will be running around and bother people to tell him their wishes).

The other kid in this picture is in the opposite situation. He becomes crazy about sitting on any kinds of see-saws he sees. More than that, he insists that he must wear helmet because without helmet he will start to tremble (his mother guesses that accident made him lack senses of security). If he can’t sit on the see-saw that he sees, he will be about dreaming he is a cow and eating grass on the ground or plates. This sitting see-saw’s impulse is really like being possessed by some evil see-saw elves.

Now, the small, unlucky, and small single mom group has become more like a small single mom’s mental recovering group for their poor little kids. Good luck to them.

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